Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Solution For Health Care Costs

The government is willing to take over health care -- 17% of our GDP. They have no problem with the idea of usurping this large, complex, successful industry in the name of "the greater good" (no matter how much bad they do).

Why don't they take the gambling industry instead?

Why are the Bonnano heirs, Osceola heirs, and Trump heirs given state and federal permission (actually MY permission and YOUR permission)to TAKE money away from people at games that are UNWINNABLE,in what amounts to an absolute brain-dead free ride to zillions of dollars; and yet those who actually have succeeded and achieved and do provable good for people in the health care industry are to come under the thumb of tyranny?

Gambling will generate $92 billion in revenue this year in the United States. This money is generated by US citizens who insist on handing it over to casino owners's fun? Or entertaining?

Well, in the new era of Obama consciousness raising, and responsibility towards our fellow man and uninsured citizens...why don't we throw out the Trumps, Mafia, and Indians and take over the casino industry, have the government run that (better that than health care) and use the 92 billion dollars to pay for health insurance for everyone who's out there gambling with their Social Security checks? Eh?

This would stop the madness immediately.

We could keep the best health care system in the world and people would be whistling while they fueled the engine that pays for health care.

And we'd never have to see Trumps poorly-dyed combover ever again.

Don't see how you could refuse this.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Health Care Reform: What You can Expect

Pins and Needles, Needles and Pins

As money for real research, advanced care, and high-tech solutions to complex medical problems gets sucked up by a national bureacracy that will devour 60% of funds, you can expect that the medical establishment and the government will suddenly begin finding low cost alternative medicines, homeotherapy and "natural" remedies to your real problems.

You will see more and more promulgation of these low-cost solutions that can be delivered by some deficient 9-5 paraprofessional staffer at your local broken-down health care clinic. These therapies rely mostly on the placebo effect; however, there is no placebo effect possible for your traumatic neck injury, ruptured cruciate ligament or placenta previa.

Remember, when health care "reform" takes place, technolgy advancement freezed in place, like a wooly mammoth in a berg.