Thursday, April 16, 2009

If Texas Leaves the Union, I'm Following

Secede and Conquer

Texas Governor Rick Perry is saying he wants his state to secede from the Union.
I have personally filed for a license in Texas; and, God bless them, if they secede, I'm going to take my considerable talents there, with glee.

I hope they do it.

According to The Examiner:

Speaking at a Republican "tea party" event yesterday, Perry said Washington has abandoned the country's founding principles of limited government and is strangling Americans with taxation, spending and debt.


As America's leadership continues to punish the successful by taking more of their profits I firmly believe that eventually someone somewhere will open a tax-free zone for the smart and creative. The SAC (Smart and Creative) will then move to that area in order to do WHAT THEY DO without punitive taxation to support the listless and effete...and THAT'S WHERE I'M GOING.

I hope it's Texas, because that's so less far to travel then China.


Keven said...

Come work in Canada for 6 months. Then the rest of the US of A will look like a tax-free haven by comparison.

It's all about perspective!

Interesting note - Quebec has wanted to separate from Canada for as long as I can remember, but nonetheless, would still desire federal funding from the country from which they would secede. Kinda like moving out from your parent's place, saying you can "make it on your own", but still asking for your allowance.

I don't know or understand the full details of what Texas is trying to do, but I'll keep an eye out.

Keven said...


Dr.T said...

No Canada!

Your taxes stifle innovation. That's why your scientists, writers and intellectuals leave; that's why your Nobel prize winners are few and the newest drugs, software, and financial innovations (think credit swaps) lag...

I'm not surprised about Quebec...but Texas is different.

Every person in the world could live in Texas--each on 1/4 an acre.

And it has oil.