Friday, March 6, 2009

BHO Launches Another Trial Balloon

All The President's Mien
When Ted Kennedy needed to save his own life he called together all of the world's experts on brain tumors and had them advise him.

He did not ask for anecdote; nor did he consult the common man. He was not concerned with homeotherapy, chiropractic adjustments, laughter therapy, anger management or sodomy. He wanted the facts as science dictates at this time and he wanted no nonsense opinion -- based on science and experience -- on which he could act. No time for rhetoric, or BS. There was something important at stake.

Act, he did. Ted flew to one of the best hospitals in the world (HINT: it's not in Cuba or Canada, it starts with a "D" and is present, in North Carolina, thanks to the money contributed by a cigarette heir).

The White House Holds a Health Care "Summit"
When the folksy economist-in-training commander-in-chief Barrack H. Obama wants something done, he holds a "summit;" which, according to is:

the highest level of diplomatic or other governmental officials: a meeting at the summit

Ted Kennedy
held a"summit" to discuss his personal medical problem. He met witht the highest level people available to get quickly to the core of the issue and devise an intelligent, workable solution; namely, GET ME TO DUKE!

In his summit, however, Presidente Obama brought the lowest level experts --the common people -- to lecture and inform the world about the US health care crisis.
So, as the White House launches another dirigible towards New Jersey (are those thunderclouds ahead?), it does so with the quiet applause of the common man; and so we were subjected to -- at this summit-- not the opinions of the learned, but the anecdotal inconsequential ideations of select tendentious individuals, namely:

1. Travis Ulerick. a fire fighter/EMT from Dublin, Indiana, quoted thus:

"Every day on the job, I meet people who don't have health insurance, people who are left out of the current health system. People in my town can't afford health care costs. They can't afford doctors' visits, and they can't afford ambulance rides."

2. Julia Denton, a military wife and Republican
3. Siyavash Sarladi, a third-year medical student at the University of Wisconsin;
4. Yvonne Ruby, who held a discussion at her church in Brooklyn;
5. James Stouffer, a small-business owner and father of five;
6. Jose Olivia, a veteran who hosted a discussion in El Paso, Texas; and
7. Angela Diggs, who runs a senior wellness center in Washington, D.C.

These people brought their individual attestations to Washington as part of the launching process in which BHO sends off a huge gas-filled health care reform dirigible that, by the time it hits the shores of our health care will, undoubtedly -- like the economy -- come reigning down on us in shards of molten steel.

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