Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Health Care Harbinger?

The Best Laid Plans...

201 articles were listed on Google News tonight under the topic headline: "Health" and "Health care for All."

The topic headline was a compilation of articles from sundry sources detailing the "push" for health care reform that the Obama administration is going to start hawking tomorrow (you'd think they would slow down a little given the results of all this "change" so far?).

Well, if Obama unveils a plan analogous to his stimulus package or his bailout bill or his budget then we can expect an analogous reaction in the health care market as has happened to the markets affected by his financial roll outs (see Dow chart above thanks to Instapundit).

Anyway, I tried to read as many of these articles as I could, but no matter how far I slogged I couldn't find discussion of MEDICINE and SURGERY, only insurance, cost, and distribution of "health care."

Here, at least was a unique criticism of the United States health care system, thanks to Reuters:

President Barack Obama has laid out a broad framework for reorganizing the U.S. health care system, which currently costs more than any other industrialized country's system and yet leaves patients more dissatisfied


There's a potent measuring stick for the worth and value of our system. What units of measurement are used when evaluating dissatisfaction? A peck of grimaces?

At least ABC News expresses a reasonable amount of incredulity about Barack's timing:

The ambitious plan comes during the worst economic crisis this country has seen in a generation. Health care reform wasn't achievable in even the best of times. Now, it could be that much harder.

The most vacuous award, however goes to the appropriately named site: ireallyshouldstudy. This was actually at the top of the Google Crawl at one point! Here's a sample of what Eliot called the vacant into the vacant:

Spending on health care also continues to rise, a very worrisome problem which needs immediate attention. Undoubtedly, health care reforms are desperately needed today in the United States... In a country considered to be among the most modern and thriving in the world, the state of health care in the United States is incredibly poor....

Obama got you scared yet? Great Cesar's ghost.

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