Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gulfstreaming Your Health Care

Good for the Goose
Ted Kennedy wants to equalize health care for everyone. This is something he hopes to get done now, before his newly diagnosed brain tumor, glioblastoma multiforme, takes him down from behind.

Equal health care for everyone.


To make health care equal for everyone, we, the people, are going to have to make sacrifices. Our choices will be limited, waiting times for diagnostic tests and procedures will be common, and the overall quality of the system will decline to that of other socialist programs like Canada.
So, what does Kennedy know about the fair and equal health care he wants US to have? Let's take a look.

The Best Care in the World

Ted Kennedy knows nothing about health care for the common man or the type of health care we are destined to receive under a nationalized system That's because he and his ilk -- including everyone in Washington -- get the best health care in the world all the time, and they will continue to get the red carpet treatment after health care reform reduces your care to patch quilt.

In previous posts here and here I discussed how Ted Kennedy had a seizure late one weekend night and the diagnosis was glioblastoma multiforme, an incurable cancer.

Immediately after his seizure, Kennedy was whisked to Harvard where a team of physicians gathered STAT to attend to him. The next day experts at Harvard and from around the world conferred with Kennedy to give him their opinions regarding his diagnosis and options.

In a move that is analogous to GM executives jetting to Washington to beg for bailout money, Kennedy (the health care reform Guru) then jetted to Duke to receive the best possible care by the best possible neurosurgeon, as advised by the best possible group of doctors --all within days of his seizure:

According to several news sources Kennedy consulted with

...his doctors at Mass General Hospital and "experts from around the country," Sen. Ted Kennedy decided to trust his treatment for a cancerous brain tumor to Dr.
Alan Friedman of Duke University Medical Center.
Is this the kind of care YOU will get if Kennedy's ideas about reform are institutionalized?

No. You will be relegated to a local oncology clinic where a dispirited foreign graduate will shuffle your papers, give you the routine by-the-book treatment options and then you will wait for whoever is available whenever he is available to actually get your treatment.

Kennedy -- and every other VIP demanding health care reform -- knows that their care will ever be secured by their money, or celebrity or influence.

You will not have those options.

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