Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Help A Fetus? O No Obama!

Over the Rainbow

If you are pregnant right now, the $10 billion Obama is handing over to the NIH in the STIMULUS bill is not likely to help your fetus-- if at all-- if ever --until it is an adult.

Because, as even TIME noted in a typically tendentious piece a couple of years ago

It does take on average more than 13 years and often several hundred million dollars for a company to research and test a major new drug before it's presented to the FDA for approval.

Only about one of every 10,000 chemical compounds that are first tested end up as medicine cleared by the feds.

Converting basic scientific research into effective medicines to treat complex diseases like cancer has also become more difficult the past several years with more expensive and longer drug trials, as well as higher failure rates.

So, although I'm all for research, and the NIH, and even STIMULUS, but I mean wtf?

Giving money to the NIH is not going to stimulate this economy. Not now. Not maybe ever.

Sin is behovely

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