Monday, February 16, 2009



The New York Time explained today how $1.1 billion of B. H. Obama's STIMULUS bill is going to be used to study the efficaciousness of medical therapies so we can stimulate the economy by making better health care choices. Obama is interested in finding out which treatments are better -- according to evidence-based medicine.

I guess, if this is a STIMULUS bill, we are hoping these policies will STIMULATE the economy; or, namely, help us get out of our current fiscal morass.

Will these 1.1 billion dollars stimulate our hurting economy? Will they save your 401K? Will they help you pay for that house you couldn't afford or for the equity loan you took out on the overleveraged, overassessed value of that home?

How about those tickets you bought for Disneyworld...and three nights at the GRAND FLORIDIAN?

I'm not sure...but if I were you, I'd look into refinancing instead.

Anyway.... that's not the point. I HAVE A BETTER IDEA.

If you believe in evidence-based medicine and you want to save lots of monies, just FIRE ALL THE CHIROPRACTORS. TOMORROW. Or at least cut them off. Cut them out of the health care pie--the part you pare into the garbage disposal unit.

No federal monies. No insurance repayments. Chiropractors go back to the paraprofessional primordial ooze from which their teleologically retarded pseudo medical science crawled out of (I believe it was inventive by a 19th century salesman).

Case Closed.

One billion saved.

Next item on the stimulus bill?


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