Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Searching for Breast Cancer in California

An interventional radiologist doctor in California -- a Dr. Bittner -- has made Section B in the Wall Street Journal for doing liposuction and burning the removed fat in his automobile, or some such thing.

A much more interesting part of this article about the entrepreneurial Bittner is a side report of how the government came after him in 2003 for proferring MRI of the breast as a cancer screening tool:

... he operated a chain of radiology-imaging shops in California and other states. He offered magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, that he claimed was better than mammography for detecting breast cancer. In 2003, the California board claimed this was false advertising in a civil suit it filed against him and the company he founded, HealthScan America Inc. The shops closed at about the same time. In 2004, a California state court ruled against the business

Shops? Why do they call them shops? A place where MRI of the breast is done is an imaging center, no? And why in Good Arnold's name would the State be chasing after doctors who are recommending THE TRUTH... namely, MRI is actually WAY better at finding breast cancer than mammography. And it was that way in 2003, believe me.

So why did the government go after him? I know why. But the truth is too shocking, aparently, for you lay people.

So shocking that when I wrote a book about this very subject, in 2006, I could not get it published. No one wants to hear it. No one wants to know. I was told that...well...maybe I shouldn't say.

I will, though.

Stay tuned; I'll get around to it, I promise.

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