Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to Tell Someone is Lying to You About Health Care Reform: Part I


You are being deceived if you hear or are told that the United States health care system needs to be reformed because of:

  • high infant mortality
  • low life expectancy
  • we spend 13% of GDP on health care
  • 40 million people are uninsured

I'm guessing you will be hearing a lot about these social problems in the coming months as our lawmakers march forward in goosesteps to nationalize health care.

Today, the Commonwealth Fund (sounds like a bad Greenwich investment firm) somehow made the news with these exact well-worn criticisms of the current HEALTH CARE system:

The Commonwealth Fund, a leading private health policy research group, unveiled a comprehensive plan for changing a U.S. health care system that is the world's most expensive yet lags many other nations in important measures of quality.

Problem is, HEALTH CARE does not equal MEDICINE AND SURGERY which is what you really care about. HEALTH CARE, as far as the Commonwealth Fund and other social scientists are concerned is about INSURANCE, DISTRIBUTION and FAIRNESS, which while all are laudable concepts, are separate from MEDICINE AND SURGERY which is what doctors do.

The social scientists know that they are tagging real science with sociology to achieve sociologically satisfying results. This is a purposeful deception --in some corners known as a lie -- meant to play the public for suckers.

Will the results of sociologically appropriate reform of insurance, cost and delivery issues be good for MEDICINE AND SURGERY -- which is what you need to stay well and to stay alive when you are ill...?

Nope. You will lose there. You'll get cheap health care for everybody but it will health care for everybody.

As Al Pacino, as Sonny, said in Dog Day Afternoon:

Sonny: Kiss me.
Det. Sgt. Eugene Moretti: What?
Sonny: Kiss me. When I'm being fucked, I like to get kissed a lot.

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